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     Billy Reid/Waris Presentation - MADE 

Yesterday I headed over to Milk Studios to attend the Billy Reid/Waris presentation.  This was my first time at a presentation, so I was quite excited to get up close to the models and I managed to get a great spot in front.  The entire room was gorgeous- the rustic, nature-inspired theme was everywhere- from the clothing, to the models, to the set-up.  I love how even the ‘runway’ pulled notes of of the collection, with soft white draping fabrics, dim lights for a soft feel, whites and neutral tones throughout and even a woods-y feel (as I knelt in wood chips to get some great shots).  


It was certainly a great experience, and I must say that I was in awe of many of the collection pieces.  I’m a huge fan of flowy, draped pieces and this collection pulled lots of them.  The makeup was stunning- rose stained lips & cheeks, lightly highlighted cheekbones and full, groomed brows.  The hair had that gorgeous bed-head look to tie in the effortlessness of the clothing, yet still polished and youthful.  



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